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Spring fashion preview From marc jacobs, moschino, and michael kors to oscar de la renta, lanvin, dolce gabbana, and roland mouret, stripes were literally everywhere.You’d be wrong. In fact, it was almost as if the industry’s top designers secretly got together and decided to present one of the most cohesive seasons in michael kors shoulder bags recent history.Yet even though stripes and monochrome palettes appeared on catwalk after catwalk, at the end of fashion month, there were still scores of other new trends that collectively, make spring/summer 2013 feel exciting. Be warned, though: “It’s not about buying into every single trend,”Says lisa tant, former flare magazine editor in chief and now holt renfrew’s new vice president, fashion editor.Here, then, are our picks of the top 10 trends to work into your new season wardrobe. 1.Earn your stripes From marc jacobs, moschino, and michael kors to oscar de la renta, lanvin, dolce gabbana, and roland mouret, stripes were literally everywhere.While nearly any variation or colour will do, the freshest way get in line with this trend is by opting for bold, black and white stripes or wearing the pattern from head to toe. “This isn’t the easiest look to wear;Broad stripes can be unsettling,”Acknowledges tant.Her tip for making it work?Choose silhouettes that flatter your body soft, fluid trousers if you’re curvy, for instance and watch the direction of the stripes.Vertical stripes help elongate your body;Chevron stripes can help create the illusion of curves if you’re more of a boyish shape. 2.Black and white “This timeless, graphic look is such a breath of fresh air,”Tant says, summing up the incredible appeal of black and white this season.While print masters still showed off their digital prowess(See no.5 to the right), everyone else embraced the new shady palette. “Any time you go that far into a trend, as we have done with engineered and computerized pattern, you’ll get a swing back the other way from a different kind of designer,”Explains tant.Indeed, the title for top spring trend could arguably go to stripes or monochrome, as shown by the plethora of designers who used both together.Who would have thought that black and white stripes would top our spring shopping list? 3.Leather “We’ve got to stop thinking that leather is for fall and winter,”Says tant. “Now, it’s all about warm weather leather! “While your first leather jacket may have weighed you down(Tant remembers her first leather jacket, which was like wearing a 10 pound coat), skins these days are so lightweight and flexible, they can be cut like a T shirt.Go head to toe in a colour blocked leather ensemble, or work one piece a black, cotton back sleeveless shell by vince or robert rodriguez, perhaps into your wardrobe to ease into the trend. 4.Ruffles grow up Forget girlie, fussy ruffles:The flounces that feel relevant this season are more architectural just ask jw anderson, frida giannini at gucci, nicolas ghesquire(Who presented his swan song at balenciaga last fall), Alber Elbaz at Lanvin, or Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy. “These are powerful ruffles,”Says tant,”And we haven’t seen ruffles shown this way in a long time. “Look to french fashion editor extraordinaire carine roitfeld for inspiration, and look for deep, dramatic ruffles rather than small, narrow, ones to keep the effect grown up.Not so sure about adding flounces of fabric to your look?Try a single ruffled sleeve or an asymmetric hemline:They’ll help create curves and texture without adding too much fuss. 5.Digital prints 2.0 This is one trend that hasn’t shown any signs of waning on the street style front.Editors and super bloggers like taylor tomasi hill and susie bubble are bona fide experts at mixing and matching their prints, while designers such as peter pilotto, mary katrantzou and kenzo are the industry’s icons when it comes to amazing, inspirational prints.This season, look for more”Thoughtful”Pieces:Ones that are not just about the print, but michael kors sale online also about the placement of the prints and, overall, the fit of the item.Case in point:The crossover detail of peter pilotto’s dresses;The symmetry of mary katrantzou’s postage stamp prints, and the seemingly haphazard but actually, very carefully thought out clashing prints at kenzo. 6.Candy wrapper metallics Where burberry goes, many follow(And few succeed).For spring, christopher bailey was apparently inspired by candy wrappers, sending pastel green capelets and vibrant pink and orange striped trench coats onto his runway, then completing each look with a blindingly shiny bag in the new”Blaze”Style.Even if we’re less familiar with the quality street candies that the british press joyfully compared the pieces to, we have to admit that the overall effect was fun, whimsical and eye catching.How to get the look?Opt for just a single candy wrapper inspired piece, and add modern accessories such as the futuristic sunglasses that finished each burberry look. 7.Careful cut outs Michael kors and alexander wang called early dibs on the cut out look;Indeed, no other designer’s peek a boo pieces were more masterful than these two.While kors’ were infinitely sexy(A two second glimpse of karlie kloss in that black gown leaves even us wanting more! ), Alexander Wang’s were either sporty(Think raglan tops with cut outs or mesh panels)Or veered into bondage territory(Those super strappy, knee high gladiators are cool but could probably fit into this category). “When it comes to cut outs, it’s basically,’how fearless are you’ and’what do you want to accentuate?'”Says tant.Got great shoulders?Go for a halter like cut out at the shoulder or neckline.Not so gutsy?Opt for a laser cut handbag or shoe instead. 8.Not so mellow yellow Yellow is to spring/summer 2013 as oxblood was to fall/winter 2012.Just ask the likes of michael kors, dkny, timo weiland, marc jacobs and derek lam.From egg yolk to chartreuse tinged shades, this is the colour to brighten up your spring wardrobe. 9.Say it with sheer Sure, sheer isn’t new, per se, but its standing as the ultimate way to add instant elegance to any look was confirmed this season by valentino, reed krakoff and dolce gabbana.For day(But not an office day, unless you work in a creative industry), choose a cotton eyelet dress and wear a contrasting coloured layer underneath for a modern and youthful look;For evening, a high quality lace dress or gown or maxi skirt with sheer panels is the only way to go. 10.Crop michael kors women jeans it We Admit we’re not sure if this trend hAs”ReAl life”Legs:We don’t know mAny women who(A)Work in an environment that would condone a crop top, and(B)Are confident enough to walk down alberni street wearing one.That said, this is a true fashion lover’s trend, and if you’ve got the body, go for it!Look to balmain, dkny, and miu miu for runway inspiration and pair a sharp shouldered, oh so ’80s blazer over a crop top and pleated pants, or team up high waisted pants with a matching crop for a look that’s modern retro.For a scaled back version of the trend, combine with trend no.9 and layer a sheer, floaty blouse over a cropped top.

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Tapes season 6 finale without contestants New york”Project runway”Taped its sixth season finale on friday, but something very important was missing the finalists. Because of a legal battle, three unknown designers sent their collections down the runway at the tents in bryant park on the final day of new york fashion week.Since the cast has not been announced, the finalists stayed hidden backstage. Host heidi klum told the audience that she was”A little bit sad”The finalists couldn’t have their moment in the spotlight after working so hard to get there. “This year is gonna be a little bit different for us, for all of you, for our designers backstage.We’re all in a bit of a limbo and we hope that everything gets sorted out very soon,”Klum said. The new season of”Project runway,”Which aired for five seasons on bravo, has been delayed because of a legal battle involving nbc universal, which owns bravo;The weinstein co. ;And the lifetime channel. Nbc universal sued weinstein after the production company made a reported $150 million deal with lifetime for the series that features klum, michael kors and nina garcia on the judges’ panel. “It’s a show that is very helpful for The industry,”Said garcia, on her way to choose The winning designer after The show. “It’s very encouraging for young designers.It’s something that i think we all should be doing, supporting(The)Young talent, now more than ever.We’re in this weird economic downturn and the fashion industry is suffering. ” The overall mood of the three collections was darkly glamorous, though one designer sent out brighter looks, including a turquoise gown and a gold cocktail dress, echoing the metallic trend seen throughout the week. International herald tribune editor suzy menkes was a guest judge for the finale.The new season was filmed in los angeles instead of new york, home of the previous five seasons. Last september, a new york supreme court justice issued a temporary injunction preventing weinstein from taking”Runway”Or any spinoff to lifetime and contended that evidence showed that weinstein violated nbc’s”Right of cheap michael kors first refusal”For the show. Weinstein has said there was no right of first refusal in the contract and that nbc universal was offered the deal and was outbid. The sixth season had been expected to start airing on lifetime in january. Christian siriano, who won the show’s fourth season, mostly liked what he saw. “I don’t think it blew me away at all,”He said. “But i think it was really strong and consistent.I don’t think there was, like, a bad collection where last season, there were some rough ones. “